About Shop with Camellia

Hi! I am Camellia. The lady behind Shop with Camellia.
This brand was built in December 2016, about 7 months after I have given birth to my second child. It started right at my bedroom.
I remembered feeling inadequate, sluggish and felt like I wasn't beautiful anymore. After birthing 2 children, I had major changes to my body and mind.
And, I also know that there are women out there who felt the way I did.
However, there was one thing that I believed in.
So, I built this brand on emphasizing self-love to all women.
"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."
It is about finding that balance in loving ourselves for who we are. Our skin type, our body type, and simply for being the wonderful woman we are.
Over time, I sourced for quality products that would enable women to practice self love during their "ME TIME", and that women deserve the self-care they desire.
It could come in the form of skincare, home care or health care.
I want women to know that loving themselves is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing they could give themselves.
I hope every woman that drops by this space will be able to find something that can elevate their self care routine.
CAMELLIA speaks to the heart, promotes self-love.
Every woman is beautiful & she deserves the self-care she desires.